Details, a Humanim Social Enterprise

Details is a non-profit under the Humanim social enterprise umbrella in Baltimore. Every Details project uses deconstruction to divert salvageable materials from overflowing landfills, and helps create jobs for those who have faced barriers to employment, thereby contributing to workforce development in Baltimore.

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Project Goal

As part of an intensive human-centered design bootcamp at the MASD program, our goal was to learn and simultaneously apply the design process to imagine a new space for Details Deconstruction that provided a model of stability to its crew members who've faced barriers to employment.

Team: MA Social Design cohort  |  Duration:  72 hours

Interviews with crew members

The team began by creating larger guiding questions to anchor their research and then interview questions for Details employees. Conducting one-on-one interviews with crew members helped us gain key insights that lead to recognizing opportunities for change.

We break bread together all the time
Everybody knows their place

Themes and Insights

As we pooled together research from interviews with 10 crew members, themes and patterns began to emerge. The crew's strong sense of family, keen interest to develop professionally and feelings of divide between administration and crew were some key takeaways.

  • Experiences that prevent Details staff from getting hired easily are their greatest assets towards a self-organizing community.
  • Conventional system of career advancement at Details is reinforced by those already in power.
  • Despite Details' strong commitment to their staff, the benefits provided are underutilized.



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